Concluding Details of Neuromarketing Book

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Concluding Details of Neuromarketing Book

neuromarketing book by Patrick Renoise and Christophe Morin, click to look insideThe book Neuromarketing, by Patrick Renvoise & Christophe Morin, combines neuroscience with marketing. Neuroscience is the study of the brain and nerves. While it is based on neuroscience research, it is written for the common person, and you don’t have to have a neuroscience background to understand it. The book has clear, actionable information that will help you become a better marketer and sales person for your business, your clients and yourself. By knowing how the old brain (the decision-maker) works and how to speak to it, you can increase conversions of your leads into sales.

The Part I, Part II and Part III summaries of the book provides a detailed outline and a substantial amount of the important information that is contained in the book. The book explains that the “old brain” is the part of the brain that makes decisions and it gave a 4-step methodology for speaking to old brain of your prospects:

  1. Diagnose the prospect’s pain
  2. Differentiate your claims
  3. Demonstrate the gains
  4. Deliver to the Old Brain

The book covered topics such as the importance of using contrast in your advertising and using the word “you” in your sales copy. While there is substantial information that is covered in the three-part summaries on this blog, the summaries obviously could not include everything. Much of the storytelling, or the ways in which other marketers applied these principles was left out. The demonstration portion of the book is exponentially valuable if you wish to master the application of these tips. In order to become a better marketer, it can’t be emphasized enough that you should buy this book, read and study it often, and practice applying it.

In addition to the samples, stories, and neuroscience research that was left out of the summaries, there are also two unnumbered concluding chapters that were not included. These chapters review some of the finer points and then give specific details on how to apply the 4-step methodology to every-day situations, including the following:

  • Targeting Your Prospects
  • Designing Print Ads
  • Producing Web Sites
  • Creating Emails
  • Leaving Voicemails
  • Delivering Speeches
  • Giving Presentations
  • Getting a Job

Buy the book from Amazon or your preferred book store.

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