Remaining Summary of Cockrum’s Free Marketing

free marketing 101 low and no-cost ways to grow your business online and off book cover

Remaining Summary of Cockrum’s Free Marketing

Free Marketing, 101 Ways BookOver the last month or so, there have been multiple blog posts on Jim Cockrum’s book Free Marketing, 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off. All theses posts combined, Free Marketing Summaries Part I, Part II, Part III, Free Marketing Tools and Resources and Email Marketing Tips, are quite possibly the best cliff notes version you’ll find anywhere of the book. The book has 102 chapters and 304 pages which are quickly and efficiently summarized for the busy business owner and/or internet marketer. However, there are still multiple tips and advice that have not been shared on this blog which would make the small purchase of the book worth it. Also if you’re a business owner like me, you might enjoy having the book on hand for reference. Here are some of the bullet lists within the book that you might like to refer to:

  • Components of a Good Squeeze Page (page 36)
  • Rules for a Good Sales Page (Chapter 8)
  • Features of a Good Blog (pages 44-45)
  • Guidelines for keeping content brief (page 50)
  • Components of a Press Kit (Chapter 27)
  • How to Accommodate Smart Phone Users (Part 8)
  • Elements of Viral Videos (page 117)
  • 24 Marketing Videos You Should Have (Chapter 36)
  • The email chapters since email marketing is the author’s forte (Part 13, Chapters 50 – 55)

Although I’ve had some criticisms in previous posts for the way the book was written and how the information is organized, there are some pretty big marketing gems throughout the book and any business owner or internet marketing professional can benefit from having a copy of their own. This is the final summary of Cockrum’s Free Marketing book that will be posted on this blog for a while; it may turn up again with other related content. The next book summary that will be featured on this blog is Neuromarketing by Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin.

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