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5 Ways White Collar Crime Affects Your Business Practices

White collar crime is a crime that employees commit against their employer. An attorney can help implement policies that reduce the potential for white-collar crime. Employers need to consider how white collar crime affects how they conduct business. Here are five areas for employers to consider.

1.    Loss of Revenue

Preventing the loss of revenue is a crucial factor. Many companies do not recover from employee theft. The cost of borrowing may be high if a lender determines...

What Does Workers Comp Compliance Cost the Average Company?

The cost of doing business is evolving. Government rules and requirements are costing more and becoming a burden to small businesses. A survey report labeled high regulation costs as a significant reason that hinders the growth of small businesses, whereas large corporations enjoy the power of lobbying. However, regulatory requirements tend to vary depending on business and industry, and it is imperative to identify your worker's compliance requirements. According to Lori Murray, the workers’ compensation system is set up so that...