Why would a marketing blog include non-marketing topics?

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Why would a marketing blog include non-marketing topics?

Anyone who browses through the various articles on the Mirex Marketing Blog will find articles written about topics other than marketing. Why would a marketing blog include topics such as accounting, legal tips (which does not constitute professional legal advice), business insurance, customer service, business start up, management and other business topics? There are actually a couple good reasons.

One reason is that marketing is a vital part of any business and therefore can affect or be related to all other aspects of business. For example, an important part of modern marketing, especially digital marketing, is recruiting your current customers as your new sales force. Customers have a much “louder” voice than traditional marketing allowed. Features on social media online allow customers to comment, leave reviews about your business, and share your business with their friends and family. As such, it’s important to provide superior customer service so that your customers will be motivated to participate and leave a positive impression of your business for others. Another example is creating a marketing budget and monitoring a marketing return on investment are both accounting and marketing activities. Reviewing laws that are related to marketing are both marketing and legal business activities. And so on.

The second, and possibly more important reason, is that any good marketing content online is created to serve the customer. When information is freely given to prospects in your target market they are more likely to find you and more likely to trust you. If they are searching for the information and they find that you are the one who provided it then they’ll be more confident that you can provide the products or services that they need. It’s a process that helps your search engine optimization AND conversions from leads to prospects to customers. So if a marketing blog wants to attract businesses and business owners, naturally it would include any content that they’d be interested in seeing even if it’s not directly about marketing.

This is a key solution that many businesses miss when they are struggling to come up with regular content, or even just the titles for articles. An aerial photography business can become exhausted writing about photography techniques and flying (at least regarding the technical stuff; those who fly probably couldn’t stop expressing the beauty of it poetically). A commercial upholstery business might not have much more to say once they’ve finished discussing patterns, colors, and service philosophy. So what do these businesses write about when they can’t think of anything else? The answer is to consider their target. Who are the businesses they want to attract and who are the decision makers within those business? What do the decision makers look for online and what are they interested in reading or viewing? Write about that (and combine it with keyword research).

So if a makeup company wants to target women, they can write about their makeup products as well as other things that women would want to read about. If a stove manufacturer wants to target restaurants, they could write about restaurant management. And, if a marketing blog wants to target businesses and business owners, they can write about other aspects of business besides marketing, such as accounting, legal, insurance, management and so on.

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