What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Business After a Career Setback

What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Business After a Career Setback It’s not easy to find the silver lining in a career setback. Whether you’ve been fired, laid off, or passed over for a promotion, the sting is severe and it may seem like you’ve hit a dead end. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Going backwards on one path gives you reason to change course. Starting your own business may be the way to begin...

Do You Always Give The Customer What They Want, Even When It’s Not Good For Them?

I had an interesting exchange with a partner this week regarding a project for a client. The client is a rental property owner who wants a new website. She's starting completely from scratch. So far all of her marketing has been through sites like Airbnb and VRBO, but she wants to branch out. The client has admitted that she knows very little about marketing, especially digital marketing and has so far been impressed with our team's extensive knowledge. The...

Valentine’s Day Marketing Statistics 2017

Valentine's day is a peak selling season for multiple different industries. Businesses that sell or distribute products such as flowers, candy, jewelry, dining, lodging and other products are experiencing one of the best shopping seasons of the year, having some overlap with the Superbowl. Many of these businesses can start ramping up their marketing about 2 weeks before February 14. For those who may be thinking of creative ways to leverage the holiday to increase sales, here are some...

What (the heck) does “SEM” mean?

The acronym "SEM" is one of many found in the digital marketing alphabet soup. (SEO, PPC, CPC and SERPs are closely related). SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing", which actually has a history of what it means. Traditionally, the word "marketing" is a blanket term that covers any activities that are used to promote your brand and business, including public relations (PR), advertising and sales. So naturally one would think that the phrase "search engine marketing" or SEM would also...

Digital Marketing Alphabet Soup

The Digital Marketing Alphabet Soup. What do all these acronyms mean?

There a many acronyms and initialisms that make up the digital marketing alphabet soup. While these terms and phrases are commonly tossed around between marketing professionals, it can be confusing for clients and newbies to keep track of them. Here is a list to help you keep them in order and understand their meanings (feel free to bookmark this post for reference or share it with others): 4 Ps of Marketing Although this entry is not necessarily an acronym or an...

Science of Persuasion Video

This is an awesome video on the science of persuasion based on concepts that were studied and proven by Robert Cialdini, professor emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University: There is a science to how we are persuaded. The human brain needs short cuts or rules of thumb to guide decision making. The 6 universal shortcuts for decision making are: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking Consensus Can this science be applied to sales and marketing? Share your thoughts on this video in the comments below...

super bowl 50 commercials

Superbowl 50 Commercials 2016

The Super Bowl is coming up on February 5, 2017. Here is a review of Super Bowl commercials from last year: Please Comment: What do you think of these ads from a marketing perspective? Which were most effective and why? Which were least effective and why?

super bowl xlix commercials 2015

Superbowl XLIX Commericals 2015

The Super Bowl is coming up on February 5, 2017. Here is a review of Super Bowl commercials from 2015: Please Comment: Share what you think from these ads from a marketing perspective. Which ones were the most effective and why? Which were the least effective and why?

content is king

Why would a marketing blog include non-marketing topics?

Anyone who browses through the various articles on the Mirex Marketing Blog will find articles written about topics other than marketing. Why would a marketing blog include topics such as accounting, legal tips (which does not constitute professional legal advice), business insurance, customer service, business start up, management and other business topics? There are actually a couple good reasons. One reason is that marketing is a vital part of any business and therefore can affect or be related to all...