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Creative Marketing: New Coke 1985

In 1985 Coca Cola launched a product called "New Coke" with all the bells, whistles and celebrity appearances that can be supported by one of America's largest corporations. Prior to the release of New Coke they had not changed the formula for Coke for about a century. The marketing campaign for New Coke is recognized as one of the biggest marketing failures in history since Coke fans practically boycotted the change. Soon after this event, Coca Cola re-labeled their [...]

Welcome to the Mirex Marketing blog

Welcome to the Mirex Marketing blog. Mirex Marketing has been in development for the last year or so (since July 2013). More officially we started doing business and continued development since February 2014. Now that we have a team and the tools in place, we're ready to serve you. We welcome business owners from all types of businesses. We have complete marketing solutions for your business. Enjoy this blog. We'll do our best to provide good information that will [...]