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print marketing, magazinesPrint Marketing includes all forms of printed media to promote your business. Some print marketing is distributed by the business itself, such as business cards and flyers. Other print marketing is commercially published and distributed, such as magazines and newspapers. The following describes some of the more common print marketing streams. However, this page only scratches the surface of possibilities with print marketing. For additional ideas, see Human Billboard Advertising and Vehicle Billboard Advertising. There is a very broad range of costs for printing and publishing in print marketing streams. Any business with any budget can find marketing solutions with print media.

Custom Printing & Business Printing

Custom Printing and Business Printing include all mini print materials that are used for promotions and business administration. These include business cards, flyers, brochures, calendars, invoices, stationary and so on. As an authorized distributor for thousands of printing companies, Mirex Marketing can assist with all printing needs.

Promotional Products

Promotional products include all useful, fun, and promotional items that are given away (and sometimes sold) to customers. They may be given away onsite at the business location, at a trade show or conference, or by mail as a prize after a winner is selected. Promotional products can be anything from pens and t-shirts to umbrellas and golf clubs as long as the product is branded with your business logo. As an authorized distributor for thousands of printing companies, Mirex Marketing can order virtually any product branded with your logo and help you select the right products for your marketing strategy.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is the traditional form of geotargeted marketing. There are a few different ways to distribute a direct mail campaign. One is to print flyers and have them hand-delivered to the doors within your target market by a flyer distribution service. This method is often used by Realtors and other professionals who are “farming” certain areas. Another method is to print your own post card and have it mailed through the postal service. If you distribute by every door direct mail (EDDM) then you’ll print a certain number and have it delivered by a postal worker to every door within the designated zip codes. Another way is to buy a targeted list of individuals by demographic who have opted in to receiving promotional materials by mail. Also, you can participate with coupon mailers like Redplum and Valpak. Mirex Marketing can assist with content creation and ad placement in any stream of advertising.


There are at least three different ways to get your name in the newspaper. One is to  have a news-worthy story that is submitted to the press via a press release. When this happens the newspaper and other news media may pick up the story and it will appear in a column within the paper. Since newspapers also publish online this can be very beneficial publicity. Yet, through0ut the pages of the printed newspaper, between and around the columns are places designated for ads. Also, towards the end of the paper is the area designated for the good ole’ classic classified ads. Different news papers may have different ways of charging for ads, but they usually base the charge on the size of the ad or the number of words. Newspapers with a larger platform (i.e. higher number of subscribers or larger size of their audience) will charge more for ads than local newspapers or even local newsletters. The selection of the right newspaper for paid advertising depends on your target market, just like any other stream of advertising. Of course, you can also have a weekly circular printed and have it distributed as an insert with the paper. Mirex Marketing can assist any business in content creation and ad placement in any stream of marketing.

Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads are the reason magazines exist. Some magazines even have more advertising than they do actual organic content. There is a magazine for virtually any target demographic. Some magazines even have different versions for different regions. So your advertisement can even be geotarged to a certain extent. Like newspapers, it is also possible to get publicity through Magazines if an author features you in an article. Also like newspapers, most magazines publish online in addition to the traditional printed form, and the cost of advertising goes up when the magazine has a larger user base (i.e. subscribers, platform, audience).

Billboards, Signs & Mega Print Advertising

You’ve seen them on the side of the road off of highways and freeways. They’re billboards – gigantic signs placed in areas of large vehicle traffic. The key to an effective billboard ad is making a design with a message that is both attention-grabbing and understandable when it can be viewed in less than 10 seconds. Printing the ad and renting the space can be pricey. So the selection of this form of advertising depends on the size of the business, and the positioning and placement of the billboard. There are many other places where printed ads are displayed for the public to see. These areas include shopping malls, airports, other portals of transportation, conference centers, elevators, and vehicles (mobile billboard advertising on wrapped vehicles).

Mirex Marketing is Your Print Marketing Solution

Mirex Marketing is an authorized distributor for thousands of print companies. We can order virtually any custom print product or promotional product at a competitive price. Also, the Mirex Marketing team of writers, editors, illustrators, graphic artists and other professionals can create your ad content and place your ad in any stream of advertising.

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