Traditional Marketing

traditional marketingWhat is Traditional Marketing?

The phrase “traditional marketing” can have many implications. For individuals associated with Mirex Marketing, it’s a term that generally implies non-internet marketing. This includes all forms of print, telephone, and broadcast marketing. These marketing resources were around before the advent of the internet and still play major roles in marketing today. Since internet marketing is the modern standard, most businesses must start with internet marketing and some print marketing. Then, other forms of marketing are integrated later on. Yet, the type of business, the target market, and the potential return on investment are what influence the choices of marketing streams the most.

Marketing Strategies

Any business whose target market includes individuals ages 65 and older should absolutely make use of traditional marketing or non-internet marketing. This age group relies on traditional forms of communication over the internet.

There are offline resources for most marketing strategies. For instance, there is almost always a magazine for your target demographic. If your target audience doesn’t include a specific demographic, but instead focuses on location, marketing resources such as direct mail can be geotargeted.

Some offline marketing strategies are heavily integrated with technology that is accessed through the internet. Many forms of telephone marketing are ordered and maintained online. Also, traditional marketing can provide a boost to internet marketing by referring leads to the business website.

Your Marketing Budget

Established businesses with large marketing budgets may choose to use one or more of the “big 5” marketing streams: TV, radio, billboards, magazines, and newspapers with state-wide or nation-wide distribution. However, “traditional marketing” does not necessarily mean expensive marketing. For instance, networking with business cards and co-branding with another business are viable, inexpensive marketing options.

While the cost is a major factor in determining any marketing plan, the most important factor is potential return on investment. Successful entrepreneurs understand that part of their success was the result of taking the right calculated risks. Any business owner should treat their marketing dollar as an investment with the expectation of receiving a return. Calculating that return requires a method of tracking for each marketing stream. Tracking methods are more automated on the internet, yet still available with traditional marketing streams.

Mirex Marketing can help!

Mirex Marketing can assist your business with traditional marketing, including content creation and ad placement in any stream of advertising. Your Mirex Marketing representative will help you create and execute a marketing plan that is tailored for your business and target market. Mirex Marketing service providers¬†– text writers, editors, graphic artists, video editors, etc. – assist in content creation whether it will be published online or offline. Mirex Marketing can also coordinate ad placement in any stream of print or broadcast marketing with the ad space provider. We’re also an authorized distributor for over 10,000 printing companies and we can order virtually any promotional product (flyers, signs, etc.)

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