Press Releases

press releasesPress releases are one of the best ways to get free publicity since news media generally have large platforms of users. There are multiple streams of news media which include print, radio, television and internet news. The news doesn’t charge businesses or individuals to publish certain stories. Their goal is to get interesting stories published to attract an audience. News professionals and journalists go to a database of news releases to look for stories just like any consumer might shop for a book online. Businesses can get published and promoted in the news by putting a press release in these databases. In larger businesses, press releases are usually managed by the public relations department. In small businesses, the marketing department is the public relations department.

Press releases are a slightly different beast than advertising. The content has to be tailored first to the news professional who must be impressed enough to publish the story. Second, the content must be good enough to impress the individuals who refer to that news source. In order to get published in the news, your content has to be news-worthy. It should generally show how your business can benefit the community. Press releases can be part of reputation management for the business since public opinion of your business can be swayed by the news.

News professionals are super busy and under a lot of pressure to meet deadline. Businesses can increase their chances of appearing in the news by making it easy for the news professionals. One of the ways this is accomplished is by creating a media kit and offering it as a free download on the business website. The media kit should have general information about the buisness, white papers on the business products and services, publishable photographs and any other copy that might make it easy for the news professional. If you make the news professional’s job easier, then they’ll be more inclined to use your story.

Businesses are also more likely to get published in the news when their story is related to major current events. These events may include sports events, political events, the economy and other issues that affect the public. If these events are on the mind of the public then the news likes to focus on these events and anything related to these events since that’s what the public wants to know about.

Mirex Marketing is your Solution for Press Releases

The Mirex Marketing team of professionals can assist your business in content creation and the placement of that content in any stream of marketing. That includes the creation of media kits, press releases and distribution through news databases.

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