Content Creation

Content creation is a necessity whether you’re marketing your business on the internet or offline. In fact, good content is so important that it is said to be “internet currency”. The following are examples of different forms of content:

text content creationText Content

Text content comprises the majority of content from simple posts in social media to articles and book creation. Text content professionals include copywriters, authors, editors, bloggers and other individuals that are experts for their specific medium.


Beyond assassins, police and military personnel, photographers are the only people that can say they shoot people for a living. Of course, they take photographs of animals and inanimate objects as well. Professional photographers are not only experts in the creative process of taking the photo, but they’re also experts with photo-editing software, like Adobe Photoshop.

graphic artistArt & Graphic Illustrations

Graphic Artists are professionals who create computer-generated images (CGIs) and all kinds of illustrations from scratch on their computer. A graphic artist is probably one of the most needed professionals in marketing since they help create everything from product labels to website images. They use industry-standard software such as Adobe Illustrator. Other artists, such as painters and pencil artists, may create hard copies of art work and transfer it to digital formats when needed.

audio recordingAudio

Audio content creators may include radio announcers, podcasters, musicians, audio editors and other professionals. Beyond the spoken word, music can be part of the publicity or the entire business itself. Radio is a traditional form of broadcast marketing. Yet, there are many ways to stream and share audio online.

video cameraVideos

Videos are a very popular and very effective type of content. Videos appeal to the common internet user who may be in a rush, impatient and unlikely to read a full document. Television is one of the most effective forms of traditional marketing. Yet, video content online is also very big with popular websites like YouTube leading the trends.

call to actionCall to Action

All of your marketing content should have a clear call to action. People respond to action words much more than anything which is simply implied. Whether your advertising is published on your own website, in print or other forms of marketing, it should directly invite your potential customers to click, call, visit, subscribe, buy or perform whatever action for which the marketing was intended.

Mirex Marketing is your Content Creation Solution.

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