broadcastingBroadcasting is a form of communication, entertainment and marketing that is distributed to an entire region via radio or television. This region can include a local city, county or even the entire country. Since the message is sent out to such a large area, this is only suitable for a business that is trying to target that entire area. This is also the most expensive form of marketing, so it is only suitable for businesses that have a budget for it. If they can avoid it, a business does not want to waste a marketing dollar by sending the message to individuals that are not part of their target market. Broadcasting is particularly useful for brand development and recognition because this is where people will hear and see your ads the most.

Radio Advertising

There are multiple ways to get on the radio. The most inexpensive way is to get on a news show or talk show as a guest expert. This is certainly a type of promotion, but not advertising. There are also various ways to advertise on the radio. One is to sponsor the show and the talk show host always mentions your name before each break. One is to have the radio announcers discuss your business or product as if it is part of their talk show. Another way to advertise is to have a clear and open advertisement in one of their ad slots. It is in your best benefit and the radio station’s benefit to product ads that do not make people change the station.

Television Advertising

Streaming entertainment on the internet has changed the TV industry. However, people still believe what they see on TV. Somehow in the mind of the common consumer a TV ad is what legitimizes the business. Also, when a business reaches the size and finances to be able to advertise on TV it can be a major mile stone. Usually ad slots on TV are between 30 seconds to a minute in duration for the most common type of ad. Beyond the cost for the air time there are also costs to produce the ad which can include a director, camera crew, editors, actors, special effects and so on.

Yet, there are other ways to get your business or product on TV. One is to sponsor a sports event. One is to get on the news. Another is to pay for product placement within the TV show itself. Beyond the regular 30 sec – 1 min video ad, there are also infomercials which can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Of course, these have higher production costs. One of the most inexpensive options is a digital billboard, which is simply a text ad that is displayed for less than 30 seconds. These are common on public television stations. Public Television stations are often associated with local schools and universities.

The price per ad slot varies by the time of day and the amount of watchers who might be tuned in. Morning ads are usually cheaper than prime time. Ad time during the Super Bowl can cost millions. There are national ad slots for the Super Bowl and local ad slots.

Alternatives to Traditional Broadcasting

The internet provides the option of “broadcasting” whether you’re using audio or video content. There are tools to focus on a local target. Yet, there is potential to reach a world-wide audience when your content goes viral. The costs of production can be less, depending on how professional you want your content to appear. “Home” footage is not necessarily unacceptable when marketing online, even for professional purposes, depending on your marketing budget and goals. Sometimes the cost of production is the same if you decide you need commercial-quality content.

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