Special Offer for OfflineBiz Members

OfflineBiz Members – no matter what your personal skill set is, you can have a full-service marketing company. Mirex Marketing is here to assist you with any of your outsourcing needs!

Offlinebiz members can get a 25% discount on all services listed. Since we’re a full-service marketing company, that means that you can outsource virtually ANY marketing service to us, you keep 25% of all one-time and monthly fees, and all you do is maintain the relationship with the client and handle money transactions. You are now a full-service marketing consultant. Congratualtions!

After initial contact, I’ll give you my cell number and you’ll be able to contact me any time during the day MST-AZ (no daylight savings time in AZ), I also check emails frequently and I can answer most inquiries the same day or the next day.

Most small business clients will need these services:

  • Business Website
  • SEO
  • Local Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

They could also use these:

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google Adwords and others)
  • Press Releases
  • Blog Management
  • Direct Mail (on our end this requires graphic design, copy writing, and service fee)
  • Logo Design
  • Print Advertising, such as Business Cards, Flyers, etc.

Here is an example for a sample client:

Business Website – $1,500
Website Maintenance – $100/mo
SEO – $1,000/mo
Local Marketing – $200/mo

Total one-time fees: $1,500
Total monthly fees: $1,300

At 25% that means you’d get a one-time commission of $375 and monthly commissions of $325 for one client. If you sell these services for more, you can keep the difference. You will bill the client and we will bill you. We accept payment via PayPal through the “send to a friend” option which does not require a fee. You’re responsible for all merchant fees when collecting from the client.

For frequent associates/partners who outsource to us, we will provide a contract. For all outsourced projects we will not market ourselves to your client for a period of one year after the termination of our relationship. If our relationship is always active, then we will never market ourselves to your clients.

Web Design, Web Development, Webmaster, Website Maintenance, Business Websites, (WordPress Websites, WP, Joomla, Drupal, CSS, HTML, XHTML, FTP, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Database, and other programming languages):

Standard Business Website: $1,500

  • Up to 10 pages of original generic content and stock images
  • Responsive so it adapts to all screen sizes and can be viewed on desktops, tablets, smart phones, or any device with internet access.
  • Light features included, such as a contact form, integration with the client’s preferred email service provider (mailchimp, aweber, etc.), call to action buttons, blogging capability, pop-ups for email captures, social media integration, and others
  • Built on WordPress (unless they request a different platform), this makes it easy for the client to learn how to upload their own content, manage their own blog, and be their own webmaster if they choose.

Normal turnaround for a standard website is 1-2 weeks. Longer if they have addons.

Addons for the Standard Website Package (some require custom quotes):

  • Onsite SEO (highly recommended): $200 (this is included when they order an SEO package)
  • Additional pages: $30 per page
  • Landing pages: $10 per page
  • Advance features and design for graphic art, programming, advanced content production. (Anything that requires additional programmers or creative professionals will add to the price.)
  • Advanced features, such as restaurant menus, ecommerce features (see additional ecommerce site below), online order for pickup, online order for local delivery, membership websites, learning management systems (LMS), etc.
  • Custom content
  • Content revisions (included if they order monthly maintenance)
  • Custom theme (most websites are based on a template and the client chooses their favorite like carpet or tile in their home, but if they want a custom-made template, it’s additional)

The client can get the price reduced to as low as $200 by providing their own content or having a more simple site (less pages, a one-page website, etc.), contact me for a custom quote.

Self-Publishing Website Special for Selling Ebooks, Videos, Tutorials, Etc: $300

  • Up to 5 pages, including a page of affiliate tools
  • Integrated with email service provider (mailchimp, aweber, etc.)
  • Integrated with preferred affiliate vendor platform (clickbank, etc.)
  • Includes banners and other graphics for the site but it does NOT include ebook covers, or the materials being sold, those each require a separate quote. See ghostwriting, videography, graphic art, etc. below.
  • Membership websites are additional, also if they want a promotional video (which has been shown to increase conversions), then that requires a video quote.

Ecommerce Website: $3,000

  • Includes up to 100 products, the client must provide their own pictures and descriptions of each product unless we have a local representative that can go their facility (or you’ll have to do that part as their marketing manager).
  • Google Shopping integration (if they have the needed information)
  • Shopping cart included and integrated with their merchant of choice (usually PayPal)
  • Light onsite SEO included
  • Video walkthrough of how to manage their online store

Turnaround time for an ecommerce website is about a month if they are prompt on giving us the information we need. Longer if they have addons.

Addons for Ecommerce Site (prices that aren’t listed require custom quotes)

  • Additional products
  • Product descriptions: $5/product
  • Integration with Bing Shopping
  • Advanced features and any request that requires additional programmers or creative professionals

Website Maintenance: $100/mo

  • Updating content, plugins, home page, etc.
  • Content revisions
  • Monthly backup of the site
  • Analytics report
  • Domain name and hosting included with annual commitment

Blog Management: $150/mo

  • One post per week, including content up to 500 words and occasional images. Some images will require an additional fee.
  • Every blog post is announced and/or copied on the client’s social media pages.
  • Additional posts per week is an additional fee.

Mobile Marketing for mobile phones can include:

  • Mobile-friendly websites, responsive websites (see above)
  • APP Development (requires custom quotes)
  • PPC Advertising (see below)
  • Local Marketing (see below)

Website Development, Programming, Software Development, APP Development, Video Game Development and other developer projects (Ajax, ASP.NET, C#, C++, Cplusplus, ColdFusion, Database Management, DHTML, Java, Javascript, Jquery, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, MySQL, XML, XSL) all require custom quotes.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Authoritative Link-building, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Google Adwords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO or Local SEO): Requires a custom quote based on desired keywords and competition, usually ranges between $1,000 to $1,500 a month.

  • Keyword research
  • Onsite SEO, snippets and tags added to pages and pictures
  • Improvement of site load time and other programming optimization if needed
  • Offsite SEO to improve authority
  • SEO repair after penalization

It can take 6 months or more to see results from SEO efforts. Your clients should be well-aware of that before committing to this service. Google and other search engines change every day, there is no guarantee which keywords will appear #1 or on the first page, but we do a good job. My SEO manager is excellent!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google Adwords: $300/mo plus the budget (the amount that goes directly to Adwords or the preferred platform)

  • Text, Banner, Video ads available, some designs are included, some will require additional graphic art fees.
  • Remarketing campaigns available.
  • Ads can be geotargeted
  • PPC manager will recommend a monthly budget amount to be competitive
  • PPC manager will need access to backend of website for tracking
  • PPC manager prefers to manage the ads on his account, not on a separate account for the client. If the client wants their own account managed then a custom quote is needed.

Ads are usually live within a few days of payment. There is usually about 48 hours of set up time.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be any combination of SEO, Local SEO and PPC advertising. Additional link-building can be performed with content marketing (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.)

Press Releases – Contact me for a custom quote

Local Marketing, Local SEO, Geomarketing, Geotargeting, Reputation Management, Review Generation, Mobile Marketing, Yelp Marketing, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, Google My Business, Repman.

Local Marketing Package: $200/mo

  • Sync-secured listings on 50+ of the top local business directories, including Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, Mapquest, GPS directories and Smart Phone Directories. Local data is kept secured and synchronized from one hub. If you’ve ever seen a picture of the local data ecosystem it would be easy to understand how data gets shared and corrupted between data providers, which compromises the client’s SEO. This package will boost their SEO.
  • Review Generator Email Tool. This increases convenience and conversion when asking customers to leave reviews online. It also keeps negative feedback private and positive feedback public.
  • Manual creation and/or editing of local directory profiles on up to three local directories per month which are not part of the sync-secured network. (Notable directories which are not in the sync-secured network are Google My Business, Kudzu, Angie’s List, BBB and any niche-specific directory such as HealthGrades.com)

The sync-secured network takes about a week to synchronize all the profiles on the network. The review generator tools takes about 1-2 days to set up and we can import any contacts list via a CSV file.

These are very similar to some products that are promoted on offlinebiz. The ones I use are probably better, cleaner/more user-friendly, and less expensive with a larger profit margin. If you’d like affiliate links to these just contact me. If you just want to outsource to Mirex Marketing, you have the benefit of $0 up-front costs. You just make the sale and get 25% without having to buy the white label.

Local Marketing Addons:

  • Reputation management and/or repair
  • Local SEO (see SEO above)
  • Data submission to additional data aggregators (not in the sync-secured network)
  • Additional manual creation/editing of business profiles on local directories: $30 each
  • Office and waiting room optimization with incentive-based planning to increase reviews – this requires a consultation, graphic design, ad copy and printing.

Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogging, Email Management.

Social Media Marketing: $300/mo

  • Daily posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Includes all content and graphic art needed
  • The client can request certain posts and announcements, continue to post themselves, or do nothing if they prefer.

Turnaround time: posting and activity begins the day of or the day after administrative access is granted.

Social Media Marketing Addons:

  • Facebook ad management
  • Offers, boosts, buying likes, tweets, followers, etc (sometimes this is not whitehat or effective so be clear when consulting with your clients)
  • Additional networks (LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Business profile creation
  • Graphic art for headers, logos, icons, etc.
  • Blog management (see above) includes posting on social networks every time there is a new blog post.

Email Management: $150

  • A six month commitment includes most bottom levels of their preferred email service provider (mailchimp, aweber) and autoresponser (drip campaign) setup.
  • Includes integration with their website for contact capture
  • Does not include the text content or additional graphic art work that would go in the autoresponders or newsletters.

Email Management Addons:

  • Text content and graphic art
  • Newsletter text content production.
  • Production of materials for contact capture incentive (like ebooks, videos, membership website, etc.)
  • Analytics
  • Text message campaigns, SMS text messaging campaigns

Telephone Campaigns, Text Message Campaigns, SMS campaigns, Virtual Receptionist, Automated calls – All phone marketing requires custom quotes. If the client is interested in a virtual receptionist package, we have live humans answering the phones, not computers. This is a rare service that can do wonders for conversions and the client’s professionalism no matter how big or small their business is.

Creation of ads for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, print advertising, billboards, outdoor advertising. Yes, you can do that when you have a team that produces content and media. As the client’s marketing manager, you can choose to contact the appropriate advertising platforms for the client’s target or we can help if you prefer. Sometimes we can negotiate agency rates which means more money for us without charging the client additional fees.

Content Production, Media Production, Writing Projects, Copywriting, Ghost Writing, Script Writing, Articles, Ebooks, Audio Production, Podcasting, Video Production, Videography, Content Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Article Marketing, File Conversion, Graphic Art, Illustration.

Writing Projects: 7 cents per word for most projects greater than 300 words, with a turnaround time of less than a week as long as there aren’t too many revisions, also more than 3 revisions can raise the price, as well as editorial review. Most web pages and articles are 300-500 words. Anything larger should be broken into multiple pages.

Ebook Self-Publication Package:$2,000

  • Ghostwriting of the book up to 14,000 words and up to three revisions
  • Conversion of text document to PDF, HTML and other formats for online and offline publishing (Kindle Publishing, Nook Publishing, Lulu.com, Create Space)
  • Submission of ebook to Lulu.com, Create Space, or preferred self-publishing platform

Addons for Ebook Self-Publishing

  • Additional fees may apply with the self-publishing platform (clickbank, etc.)
  • Ebook Self-Publishing website (see above)
  • Editorial review
  • Ebook cover (see graphic design below)
  • Excessive revisions
  • Affiliate program management

Graphic Art and Illustration: Most projects are $200-$300, we will price match any quote and offer one additional revision over competitors’ quotes (if they offer 3 revisions, we’ll offer 4, no bidding wars)

  • Logo Design: $300
  • Business Card: $200
  • Stationary: $200
  • Social Media Page: $150
  • Postcard, flyer and print design: $200
  • Infographic: $600
  • Brochure: $300
  • Banner ad: $200
  • Flash banner: $200
  • Signage: $200
  • T-shirt design and other merchandise: $200
  • Card or invitation: $200
  • Product packaging: $400
  • Product label: $300
  • Book Cover: $300
  • Magazine cover: $300
  • Magazine ad: $300

Printing and distribution (direct mail campaigns, flyers, etc.) require additional quotes.

Audio Production: Requires a custom quote, ranges from $100 to thousands

  • Audio editing
  • Background music or theme music
  • Voice over artist
  • Podcasting
  • Music Promotion
  • Artist Promotion
  • Band Marketing

Video production, video editing, video recording: requires a custom quote, ranges from $100 to tens of thousands depending on the length of the video, desired quality, the amount of editing.

  • A video similar to the one on our home page is $100 if they provide the script, images, and background music.
  • A video similar to this one www.CrawfordsAutoService.com is $100 if they agree to use the stock images in the program, provide the script, provide the background music, and allow the program branding on the right lower corner.
  • Video testimonials can range from $100 to $500 depending on the editing, and the dilemma is that we have to find a local recording crew. I don’t have camera crews for every city in the world.
  • Video production can include the following: script writing, story boarding, graphic art, illustration, animation, voice over actors, musicians, actors, etc. The more creative professionals that are required to make the video, the more the video will cost.

Turnover time for video production can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks to months depending on the length of the video, the amount of editing required and other factors.

For production of video games, see developer description above.

Submission of content to content directories: $10/product/directory

  • Upload articles to article directory
  • Upload ebook to ebook directory (only includes directories, not platforms like Kindle)
  • Upload video to video host (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.)
  • Upload podcast to podcast directory
  • Submission of T-shirt design to CafePress and other printers
  • Etc.

Content-based advertising is usually similar to PPC advertising (see above)

We look forward to working with you! Let us know if you have any questions.

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