Mirex Marketing

Mirex Marketing is small marketing company in Mesa, AZ. We have marketing solutions for any business with any budget. Our most common client is the small business owner. We commonly use internet marketing streams and some forms of print marketing. Yet, our services can be scaled an customized to match any business with any marketing need. Our team of marketing experts and content creation specialists can assist with campaign development, copy and ad placement in any stream of marketing.

Our services usually begin with a free consultation. During this consultation the Mirex Marketing representative usually gives the business owner a lot of new education related to marketing. The representative will help the business owner establish a recommended budget for marketing. The rep and business owner can also select which streams of marketing would help the business with their marketing goals. For the most coordinated and effective marketing plan, an Independent Marketing Manager from Mirex Marketing is recommended. An independent marketing manager can be a team member for the business and help the business owner with time management.

The more common internet marketing services include WordPress websites, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, local marketing, reputation management, and social media marketing. Yet, we can also provide email marketing, affiliate marketing and any other form of marketing online.

The more common marketing streams used offline are promotional products and direct mail. Yet, we can assist with content creation and ad placement in any stream of marketing.

Mirex Marketing also provides training for the low-budget, DIY marketing business owner.

Mirex Marketing is registered as Mirex LLC in Arizona. We’re a member of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and a certified agency for multiple marketing products, including Yext, Kaeser & Blair and Google Adwords.

Mirex Marketing is your marketing solution.

Call (480) 744-5919 or use any email form on this website to set up a free consultation.