Classes & Training

The mission of Mirex Marketing is to provide marketing solutions for any business on any budget. In order to do that we inevitably must provide marketing training for businesses in do-it-yourself mode and for businesses that have an in-house staff that works on marketing.

A start up business in particular may be in a position where they have a low budget and lots of time. Often, the business owner puts on many different hats to keep the business going. One of these hats is that of a marketer. Yet, the business owner may not know how to market the business effectively. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the business owner to only know the skill or product that is to be marketed. For some new business owners it is quite the revelation that owning and running a business takes a certain set of skills in and of itself, beyond the product that is for sale. Sometimes, new education is required. With Mirex Marketing training, you’ll get a curriculum that is easy to understand, yet written and taught by experts in that category.

Most marketing resources have a series of three classes – beginners, intermediate and advanced. Usually the beginner’s class is a walk-through of creating a profile with that resource. Some individuals who are tech-savvy may be able to skip some classes depending on their current skill level. Others may have such an aversion to technology that they can’t make it past the beginner’s class. In these cases the survival of your business may depend on outsourcing your marketing to a company like Mirex Marketing. If you’ve taken a class and later decide to outsource any of your marketing to Mirex, the price of the class can be credited towards any service that you decide to purchase within 3 months of taking the class.

Whether you have a start-up business or an established one, you can come to Mirex Marketing for help. If you have an established business with an in-house staff, we’ll get them oriented to good marketing practices in no time.

Here is a list of our upcoming curriculum:

Business basics

  • Forming a Business
  • Business Planning
  • Business Financials
  • Legal Issues for New and Small Businesses (agreements, the OA)
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Logo

Marketing Basics – focusing on a target market, marketing math

The Internet Marketing Tool Box – A General Overview of Internet Marketing Resources

The Offline Marketing Tool Box – A General Overview of marketing resources offline.

Introduction to Websites and domain names


  • Beginner’s WordPress
  • Intermediat WordPress
  • Advanced WordPress, includes onsite SEO

Google Webmaster Tools/Google Analytics

Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Introduction to Social Media


  • Beginner’s Facebook
  • Intermediate Facebook
  • Advanced Facebook


  • Beginner’s Twitter
  • Intermediate Twitter
  • Advanced Twitter

Google+ (Google Plus)

  • Beginner’s Google Plus
  • Intermediate Google Plus
  • Advanced Google Plus


  • Beginner’s LinkedIn
  • Intermediate LinkedIn
  • Advanced LinkedIn


  • Beginner’s Pinterest and Instagram
  • Interemediate Pinterest and Instagram
  • Advanced Pinterest and Instagram

YouTube (see also Video Content)

  • Beginner’s YouTube
  • Intermediate YouTube
  • Advanced YouTube

Introduction to Local Business Directories and Reputation Marketing


  • Beginner’s Yelp
  • Intermediate Yelp
  • Advanced Yelp

Angies List

  • Beginner’s Angie’s List
  • Intermediate Angie’s List
  • Advanced Angie’s List

Google My Business

  • Beginners Google My Business
  • Intermediate Google My Business
  • Advanced Google My Business

Overview of other directories  and the local search ecosystem – Yellow Pages, Better Business Bureau (BBB), GPS Directories, Industry Specific Directories, etc.

Introduction to Content Development

Beginner’s Text Content Development – Free Word Processing tools, Learn how to type or improve typing speed, English grammar review

Text Content Development – Ebook Marketing

How to Use Audacity, the Free Audio Editor

How to Use Windows Movie Maker, the Free Video Editor

Graphic Art & Illustration:

  • Beginner’s GIMP
  • Intermediate GIMP
  • Advanced GIMP

Email Marketing

  • Beginner’s Email Marketing
  • Intermediate Email Marketing

The above list and the development of these classes is an on-going process. If you’d like us to include another class or if you would like us to speed up the process for any of the classes listed above, or if you’d like one on one tutoring on any marketing resource above, please contact us.

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