Web Services

Web Services: Website Design & Development,
plus more!

Website Design & Development

Our team of both front end and back end developers can build a beautiful website that matches your brand and offers a positive user experience.

Webmaster Service

We’ll keep your website updated and publish new content for you. Any business with a website needs a webmaster and we can provide more experience for much less than it would take to hire an employee. This is completely hands-off if you want it to be so that you can focus on your business. It also keeps your site more secure.

Website ``Tweaks``

Do you like your website but just want to change that one little thing? No problem. Even if the work takes an hour or less we’ll be there to help your website represent your business the way you want it to.

Blog Management

We can post your blog articles and even sync them with your social profiles so that your post appears on your blog, facebook, twitter and other social profiles at the same time.

Wordpress Websites, CMS

We generally work with CMS applications to build websites, and WordPress is the most common. CMS stands for Content Management System. Unlike simple web builders that are insufficient for creating websites for businesses, a CMS offers professional design flexibility and the ability to publish content frequently. Content is king!

``Responsive`` Mobile-Friendly Websites

Every website we build is “responsive” which means it’s mobile-friendly and adapts to any screen size. If you’re viewing a website on your mobile device and you have to magnify to read the text or click links, please send that business to us. It’s time for an upgrade.

Landing Pages

A landing page is where you “land” after you click on a link. They can supplement other marketing services such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC), email marketing and even offline marketing. With a unique landing page you can track the effectiveness of ads published virtually anywhere.

UX/UI Developent

For the expert this paragraph is redundant, yet the description is here for the novice who may have seen UX/UI and wants to know what it is. UX stands for User Experience and is associated with website development (functionality code) or the back end of websites. UI stands for User Interface and is associated with website design (“pretty” code, such as layout, colors fonts, graphics, etc) or the front end of websites.

Complete Hosting Solutions

Hosting services are offered through our partnership with GoDaddy, an industry leader in hosting. Get the exact same products, services and support from GoDaddy, for less than what you’d pay GoDaddy directly.

Domain Name Services

A domain name is simply the web address where a website resides, such as www.mirexmarketing.com. If you’re looking to buy a new domain name that is already owned we might be able to help you acquire it. Services include free domain name back ordering, acquisition, and brokering for selling a domain. (These services are perfect for businesses that want their name or for domain investors).

Of course we can build smaller websites, and even one-page websites or landing pages. Or we can do more than 10 pages. However, the most common is the 10-page website. Unlike other agencies we’ll even provide generic content for those pages.

“Responsive” is a technical term in the industry that means “mobile-friendly”. Your website will adapt to all screen sizes whether it is viewed on desktop or mobile devices. This is super important since more than half of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Unlike IT firms or firms that focus exclusively on development, as a marketing agency we focus on leveraging your website as a primary marketing tool. The first two places that customers go to do research is Google and the company’s website. With a clear call to action your website visitors will convert from leads to customers.

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Creating good content is essential for both people and search engines. Your blog and social media links will help you keep your customers connected.

. . . then add advanced features according to your needs:

If your business is retail, and your web store is not your first location, it should definitely be your second. A retail business is one that can supplement a brick and mortar or be “located” entirely online as an ecommerce website.

A membership section of your website allows you to restrict access to specific content that is exclusive for members. You could offer free or paid memberships. This is an excellent option for selling info products like ebooks or video tutorials.

Encourage engagement from website visitors by adding a forum, or your entire website and business plan itself could be to create a social network within a specific niche.

Recruit a free sales force by offering commissions to online affiliates. The platform gives the affiliate a unique link. When someone clicks the link and buys your product the affiliate receives a commission. You don’t pay until the sale is made. This is an excellent option to help help increase sales for retail, ecommerce or info products.

If you’re any type of guru, coach, trainer or educator, then event management, complete with a calendar, ticketing and email reminders would facilitate your business well.

IDX integration for your website allows you to display all of your property listings. This is a must for RealtorsĀ® and real state investors.

Chances are, if you’ve seen it online, we can do it, or at least something similar to it. What features do you have in mind? Booking appointments? Directories like Yelp? Coupon Distribution like “RetailMeNot”? Learning Management Systems like Udemy? Let us know.

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Set up hosting

Click the button to set up your hosting. Hosting is provided through our partnership with GoDaddy. Get the exact same service and support offered by Godaddy, the leader in hosting, for less than what you’d pay GoDaddy directly.

Get A Business Website

Buy answering a few simple questions we can get started quickly on your business website. Your website will match your brand and help you with your business and marketing objectives.

Discuss A Different Service

Contact Us to discuss any web service whether it’s listed above or if you have something else in mind related to websites, hosting, or digital marketing.