Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Solutions For Your Business

More than half of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. All marketing servies provided by Mirex Marketing are mobile-friendly and some marketing services specifically target mobile devices.

App Development

Mobile App Development

Android Apps, iPhone Apps, HTML5 Apps

Apps have multiple features that are beneficial to your marketing, including brand visibility, push notifications, geofencing, and rewards programs. Apps are perfect for restaurants, retail, real estate, banking and other industries.

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Proximity Marketing With Beacon Device

Automatic push notifications to devices within close proximity.

The beacon device is placed in a specific location and it uses blue tooth technology to send notifications to mobile devices within a certain distance. Imagine sending a coupon to previous¬†customers at the precise moment they’re passing by your establishment. (Perfect for shopping malls, retail and other brick and mortar establishments).

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Mobile Advertising

Target mobile devices with PPC ads and in-app ads.

Internet advertising can specifically target mobile devices. Ads can also be delivered through apps that make revenue through advertising.

Text Message Marketing (SMS)

Text messages have a 99.9% open rate.

Text message marketing is similar to email marketing in that it involves list building. Once you’ve built your list, text messages are the perfect way to promote time-sensitive offers and coupon codes.

QR Codes

Include active links on offline materials.

QR Codes are simply bar codes that users can scan with their mobile devices. It brings the revolutionary internet feature of hyperlinking to printed materials and it’s one of the ways to track printed campaign results.

Responsive Web Design

More than half of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Modern web design is “responsive”. This means that the website adapts to all screen sizes including desktops, tablets and smart phones. This is an important feature for user engagement and it makes the website more search-engine friendly for searches performed on mobile devices.

wordpress responsive website

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing

Marketing emails can now be graphic-rich with a clear call to action.

Over half of emails are checked on mobile devices. Before “responsive” design was available (see above), email marketing experts suggested text-only email campaigns to be sure the email could be read on any device. However, modern emails can now be graphic-rich with a clear call to action due to features available through email service providers and they look great on any device.

Email Marketing