Ebook Marketing

Ebook marketing can be a powerful addition to a marketing plan. An ebook is an electronic book or a digital book that is read on a computer or other device. One particularly popular device is the Kindle by Amazon. There are usually two different strategies for marketing with ebooks – the give away and the ebook for sale.

The Ebook Giveaway

It can take quite a bit of effort to create an ebook. So business owners often ask themselves why they would put so much effort into something that will only be given away. The reason is because people love free stuff and they love downloads and while they aren’t paying with cash, they might pay with something. An ebook can be used to get someone to sign up for an email newsletter or “like” your business on Facebook. Once they do that, then they enter your marketing system where the chances of them buying something from you increase considerably.

Also, the act of dispensing an ebook alone can increase traffic to your website and improve your reputation as an expert in your field. When ebooks are given away, the buzz can spread virally.

The Ebook for Sale

Self-publishing an ebook can be a business in and of itself. A proficient author can self-publish a book with minimum expenses in a very quick amount of time, and the entire process of sales and order fulfillment is automated. The customers who buy these books online receive them instantly which offers a type of satisfaction that they can’t get with any other product that has to be mailed. Often, ebook products are promoted with affiliate programs which means there are no out of pocket costs for the author to promote the book.

Ebook Marketing Streams

There are multiple different formats and streams of distribution for ebook marketing, whether you use the giveaway strategy or “for sale” strategy. The Amazon market place with Kindle ebooks and the similar market place with the Barnes & Noble Nook device are substantial by themselves. Yet, there are other market places such as Scribd. Ebooks can also be printed on demand with services like Lulu.

Mirex Marketing is your Ebook Marketing Solution.

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