Classified Ad Marketing

Traditionally, classified ad marketing was achieved by purchasing line ads towards the back section of the local newspaper. This can still be an option for advertising depending on your marketing goals and target market. However, with the advent of the internet there are now classified ad resources online.

Classified ad marketing online usually does not limit the size of the ad. You can include links, pictures and maps. Also, for the most part, this type of advertising is free. Similar to the printed predecessor, classified ads online are organized into categories. Common categories include ‘for sale’, ‘housing’, ‘services offered’, ‘job listings’, ‘personals’, and ‘events’. Each resource may have different category variations.

The Major Resources for Classified Ad Marketing Online

By far, the most popular classified ads resource online is Craigslist. Quite a few internet users don’t know of any Craigslist competitor. In Utah, is one resource that actually exceeds Craigslist in popularity, and the same may be true for other resources within a specific region. In order to compete, they must already be backed by a significant platform, such as a news station. General competitors to Craigslist include eBay Classifieds (formally Kijiji), BackPage, and Oodle. In the UK, Gumtree is another resource.

To Automate or Not to Automate Classified Ads

A software or program that automates listings would be significantly helpful for businesses to advertise on internet classified ads. Some industries are so competitive that an ad can be pushed off the first page of listing results within minutes of being posted. However, Craigslist is the leader of classifed ads online and Craigslist hates automated programs. If a business isn’t careful, they could receive a disciplinary action from Cragistlist called “ghosting”. This essentially means that the user has been banned from Craigslist. The user can still log in and create ads, but the ads will never appear within the listings. Craigslist is strict about not automating because classified ads are mostly intended for person to person advertising.

Are Classified Ads Right for My Business?

Your Mirex Marketing representative will help  you determine if classifed ad marketing is right for your business. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll give you some simple tips for effective ads. Since classified ad marketing online is free, relatively simple, and has little effect on other streams of marketing, this is one form of advertising that the buisness owners can do on their own. Yet, if time is of the essence, then this service can be outsourced to Mirex Marketing.

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