Careers & Partnerships

Mirex Marketing offers a variety of careers, job opportunities and partnerships for entrepreneurial types and anyone with marketing-related skills. If you have you’re own company and would like to work with Mirex Marketing clients then we can discuss a business to business agreement. If you are an individual seeking employment, all jobs at Mirex Marketing are performed by independent contract.

Independent Marketing Manager

The independent marketing manager is responsible for recruiting clients and managing all their marketing. They coordinating all marketing services between the business owner and the Mirex Marketing sub-providers. The ideal candidate for this position has a background in marketing, internet marketing and/or business. A background in sales would also be helpful. They must have an entrepreneurial spirit for a few reasons. One reason is they’ll be working by independent contract so they’ll essentially be running their own mini business. Another is they’ll be working closely with business owners. The marketing manager must understand the challenges that come with owning a business and the hesitation that business owners may have when making a new investment such as marketing. Free and paid training is available for any newbie interested in this position. If you’re entirely new to marketing then you may consider becoming an internet marketing assistant prior to becoming a marketing manager.

Marketing Services Sub-Provider

Mirex Marketing maintains a database of sub-providers that acts as the go-to resource for our Marketing Managers. A marketing manager may have some marketing skills of their own. But when the client’s needs exceed the capacity of the marketing manager, then the manager refers to the database for help. If you have any skills related to marketing online or offline then contact Mirex Marketing to get listed in this database. Common sub-providers may perform such skills as PPC management, SEO, Local SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Creation, Text Writing and Editing, Photography, Graphic Arts & Illustration, Video Recording, Video Editing, Research Analysis, Statistics, and any other service related to marketing a business of any size with any marketing budget. Getting listed in the sub-provider database does not guarantee that you’ll get work. The decision is made by the marketing manager. One can be a marketing manager and a sub-provider at the same time. Free and paid training is available for multiple different sub-provider skills.

Internet Marketing Assistant

Internet marketing assistant is a category in the marketing services sub-provider database. It is generally an hourly position that involves data entry and performing other tasks that the marketing manager needs. The ideal candidate has computer skills and an interest in marketing. This is similar to any virtual assistant position.