Free Marketing, 101 Low & No-Cost Ways, Part III

In his book, Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off, Jim Cockrum offers 102 chapters of marketing tips. These tips include ideas for free marketing or low-budget marketing for the do-it-yourself business owner.  Early in his book, he explains that it is divided into three parts: Internet Marketing (Chapters 1-32), Building Trust and Growing Your Circle of Influence (Chapters 33-77), Stay Relevant, Interesting and Potent (Chapters 78-102). However, he continues to mention internet...

Creative Commercial: Amazing in Motion by Lexus

The following is a creative commercial titled "Amazing in Motion" which uses strobe lighting artistically for entertaining effect. It was created by Lexus, a luxury vehicle manufacturer. What do you think of this commercial from a marketing perspective? It may be fun and entertaining to watch, but does it make potential buyers want to buy a Lexus? Leave your comments below.